Mad Men round-up in Post-it Notes

Mad Men post-it noteWant to refresh your Mad Men detail? Want to tune in next week but you’ve missed the other series? Well off all things a series of post-it notes hold the answers.

A webpage, Mad Men In Notes takes the 65 episodes, that’s 3,055 minutes, from series one to series six and condenses each into one funny little post-it note.

Originally set up as a labour of love for a girlfriend who had never seen Mad Men, the site took off and became so popular that even when the girl became an ex, it kept going.

“You don’t need to buy the box set, you don’t need to pore over the previous series, you only need Mad Men In Notes. The individual sticky notes capture the happenings of each episode with wry observation and unique illustration.” a spokesperson for the website stated.

The episode by episode post-it guide can be found here:

Mad Men series seven returns to AMC in America on April 7th and on Sky Atlantic in the UK on April 10th.

[Reported by Mike Watkins]

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