EyeSpy: Remembering Richard Thorp

Richard with his Cat, Sylvia

As the Emmerdale, Emergency Ward 10 and The Dam Busters’ actor was laid to rest yesterday ATV Today pays tribute to Richard. Last night his three decades as Alan Turner in Emmerdale came to an end with the characters final scene airing.

Here we, along with Richard, look at his biggest successes from movie The Dam Busters to medical matters with Emergency Ward 10 and Calling Oxbridge 2000 as well as his stay at the Crossroads Motel and making history with Telstar.

[Video Clip Expired] [Despite it falling into ‘fair use‘ as an obituary news feature Studio Canal have at this time of loss to our former colleague Richard Thorp been incredibly petty and pathetic about a short clip of the Dam Busters, which is disgusting at best in the circumstances and heavy handed at worst. Therefore we have removed the entire tribute item.]

Email from Studio Canal complete with spelling mistakes and incorrectly structured sentences below:

“You have used excerpts from the film “The Dam Busters” in your interview with Richard Thorp at:http://www.atvtoday.co.uk/p33094-richard-tribute-video/. No licence has been granted by Studiocanal which owns all rights in this film, so you use is an infringment of Studiocanal’s rights under s. 20 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988;please arrange for this to be removed from your website immediately. Thank you for your co-operation.”

With thanks to Richard Thorp who appears by agreement with agent John Charlesworth. The interview is for a dvd by the Crossroads Fan Club.

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