Dads get dancing lessons at Pineapple Dance Studios

Pineapple Dance Studios

EyeSpy Video: Paulette Minott who has worked with: Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Neyo, and Whitney Houston takes on possibly one her toughest challenges – getting dads to dance gracefully.

The dance teacher gave the ‘Dad Dancing’ classes ahead of Father’s Day this weekend. Often those who can’t groove to the music are said to “dance like their dad”. We’ve all seen those strange moves, terrible arm flinging and bizarre leg shakes that fathers attempt whenever they’re beckoned to a dance floor. In fact the notion that fathers can’t dance has even made the Oxford Dictionary which states:

“Dad Dancing: Awkward or unfashionable dancing to pop music, as characteristically performed by middle-aged or older men.”

Paulette Minott is one of the most renowned international choreographers in the UK, so if anyone can get dads dancing with flare it should be Paulette.

But having added ‘dads’ to her illustrious list of clientele, did the guys manage to pull off such classic moves as ‘Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardbox Box’ or even more modern dance floor motions such as ‘twerking’ and ‘gangnam style’?

You can see the results in the video below which shows the Domino’s Dad Dancing Class at Pineapple Dance Studios.

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