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The Funeral Portrait create ‘Sounds From Beyond The Abyss’


The Funeral Portrait create ‘Sounds From Beyond The Abyss’

The Funeral Portrait are getting listeners in the mood for Halloween season by releasing Sounds From Beyond The Abyss (Volume 1) via Better Noise Music.

The four-track EP, out now, features four occult-driven tracks which cater to the band’s potent blend of modern rock anthems molded with emo and pop-punk theatrics. Of the four tracks, two are covers of iconic songs from artists that have inspired The Funeral Portrait’s vibrant sound: Radiohead’s “Creep” and Tears For Fears’ “Mad World.”

Sounds From Beyond The Abyss (Volume 1) “was designed to be a fun departure, something to hold over fans while we finish up the steps towards our full record release” shares vocalist Lee Jennings, who adds:

“Within the lore of our band; it represents secret tracks, hidden away to be discovered by some unlucky Samaritan. Occult sounds meant to hypnotize the listener with music from an alternate reality. Which is to explain the case of covers & alternate versions of original songs. A ‘what if?’ scenario for our fans and ourselves.”

The Funeral Portrait have shared a lyric video for their hypnotizing “Mad World” cover, streaming now via YouTube.

“Anyone who has met the band for more than 45 seconds can tell that we’re all big Donnie Darko fans, so when the question of a new cover came up, ‘Mad World’ was an obvious answer,” says JENNINGS. “Drawing more from the Gary Jules rendition than the Tears For Fears original, this cover of ours is all about the mood and vibe. Finding the balance between capturing the essence of The Funeral Portrait alongside the Samhain spirit for Halloween was the tightrope we had to walk and we’re very happy with the outcome.”

Sounds From Beyond The Abyss (Volume 1) is available now to buy and stream in all the usual places.

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