Mica Paris joins EastEnders

EastEnders bosses have cast Mica Paris in the soap.

The London-born singer’s character, Ellie Nixon, will ruffle feathers when she arrives in Albert Square next month.

The Sun reports that she is somehow connected to an existing Walford resident.

“EastEnders wants to return with a bang following lockdown and Mica will certainly supply the spark. Her character is fiery and passionate and will take no prisoners. Walford won’t know what’s hit it.” – EastEnders Spokesperson

Although she has experience of acting and presenting, Mica is primarily known as a soul singer with hits including My One Temptation and Where Is the Love.

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Mica has had stage roles in The Vagina Monologues, Fame and Chicago and, in 2007, played the part of (fictitious) American jazz singer Amelia Walker in the television drama Marple: At Bertram’s Hotel.

Her time co-hosting the BBC makeover series What Not to Wear inspired her to write her book Beautiful Within.

“I am absolutely over the moon to be in EastEnders. I have been a fan since its first episode with Susan Tully being my favourite. My character the formidable Ellie Nixon, is a new frontier for me as an actress – a lot of folks will see me as never before.” – Mica Paris

EastEnders will return to BBC One on Monday, September 7.

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