Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, April 19.

Martin assures Ruby that Kush is doing the right thing by taking Arthur with him to Dubai. Kush promises to return when the Mitchells have calmed down and Stacey’s released.

Meanwhile, at the police station Phil is still smarting from being dropped in it by Kush and Gray’s lack of plan to get him out of it is a further source of frustration.

Later, Gray calls Whitney who says that she is going to bed. Gray is livid when he spots Whitney posting a letter before joining Kush and Arthur with suitcases.

Elsewhere, Mick gets out the board games hoping it’ll get Frankie and Nancy to bond. Sonia is not happy to learn what’s been going on while she was away.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.05pm

Craig confides in Kirk that he is going to resign from the police force as he would rather be with Faye. Tipped off by Kirk, an emotional Faye tells Craig there is no way she’s letting him jack in his job for her and it’s best they finish.

Later, Gary and Faye attend court where Gary is given 8 months for perverting the course of justice. Gary is told he is free to go but what will happen to Faye?  In the Rovers, a despondent Craig tears a strip off Kirk for causing the break-up of his and Faye’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Emma clocks Lucas flirting with Alina outside the salon and urges her to go for it. Alina later lets Emma believe that she has done just that, but Maria is not as easily fooled.

Elsewhere, Daniel’s thrilled to hear that Peter on the transplant list, but Peter remains cautious. Seb tries out a goth look but Abi assures him that Nina likes him for who he is. Brian is sceptical when he takes a call claiming Rita has been nominated for a Golden Heart Award.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Manpreet is taken aback when Ethan asks her to go with him to see his mum. Ethan is left disappointed when his mum fails to turn up but Manpreet tells him not to give up.

Later, at Rishi’s birthday party, Ethan and Manpreet are uncomfortable as they make excuses as to why they’ve arrived at the celebrations together.

Meanwhile, as Nate tries to get David’s attention, David accidentally runs over Nate’s foot.

Elsewhere, Vinny feels guilty about moving back in with Liv.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

The new landlord in town, Fergus Collins, discovers that Ste is strapped for cash. He offers to buy the Lomax’s’ house and rent it back to them.

Ste initially declines, so Fergus recruits Warren with a plan to convince Ste to take the offer. Later, we learn that Fergus has installed a hidden camera in Peri’s bedroom.

Meanwhile, John Paul ignores Sally’s warnings and decides to look at a house with George, leaving his boyfriend victorious. Sally shares her concerns with Theresa and asks for her help.

Elsewhere, Martine confronts Felix about whether he wants to be with her or not. James and Marnie are desperate for a way to occupy Juliet’s time.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Valerie notes that a blue plastic fish she has found on her kitchen floor must be a good omen – she feels no anxiety about her check-up. But at her appointment the oncologist finds a swollen gland and recommends a scan; Valerie is distraught.

Later, Al finds Valerie at the lake, fishing with her magnet, where she confides in him about her fears. The blue fish was clearly an omen of sadness.

Meanwhile, Zara has to step in when a one-night stand has disastrous consequences.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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