Coronation Street actors form ‘tested cohort’ for kiss scene

This is the moment that Coronation Street airs the soap’s first kiss between two actors since social distancing rules were enforced at the start of the pandemic.

In the scene – written by Damon Alexis-Rochefort as part of pride month – footballer James Bailey shares a kiss with love interest Danny Brady after being open about his sexuality at a press conference.

Following pictures of him and Danny leaking on the internet, James steels himself to confirm his sexual preference as he takes the stage at his promotion press conference.

Back on the street, Danny reveals he watched the press conference and as he tells James he wants to be with him, the pair share a passionate moment.

The kiss was filmed after the two actors, Nathan Graham and Dylan Brady, became part of a tested cohort so they could safely work closer than two metres and actually kiss.

It’s the first time the soap has filmed a kissing scene with two actors since the pandemic – a real life couple previously stood in for the characters of Tyrone and Alina as they embarked on an affair.

Other pre-tested close cohorts were formed for the fire stunt with Alya, Geoff and Yasmeen in the 60th anniversary episodes, and for the scenes where Kevin and Debbie were locked in a freezer together.

ITV will screen James and Danny’s kiss this coming Wednesday, although it can be seen first on the ITV Hub from Monday (28th June) as the soap continues to release all of its episodes in advance during the euros.

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