Jamelia to guest spot in Black to Front Hollyoaks special

The Loose Woman joins in a ‘one off guest role’ on the Channel 4 saga.

Best known for her platinum-selling music career and high-profile TV appearances, Jamelia will be joining the cast of Hollyoaks in a guest role as ‘Sharon’ for an hour-long special episode of Hollyoaks as part of the Black to Front Project.

“Filming Hollyoaks has been the most fantastic experience. I’ve felt like I’ve been around family, I’ve felt so comfortable and so joyous. It’s just been amazing. I can’t believe this is supposed to be
work.” – Jamelia

Jamelia’s guest appearance on Hollyoaks will air Thursday 9th September on E4 and again on Channel 4 on the 10th of September.

She will play Sharon Bailey, a friend of Martine and daughter of new character pearl, both invited to Walter’s birthday picnic. However, Sharon and Martine have ulterior motives in bringing their parents together, as the mischievous pair set out to play matchmaker! Sharon proves to be just the old friend Martine needs as she finally confides in her the details of her cancer, before Sharon joins the birthday group in a truly iconic dance routine.

“For me, I think what’s important about this episode is that we’re showing the diversity within Black existence, and I think it’s really important for that. So often Black people are portrayed in a monolithic kind of way, and I feel that an episode like this is really important to show the diversity within Black personhood. I’m really honoured to be included in this episode. It’s been fantastic.” – Jamelia

Jamelia has, as well as Loose Women, also appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and BBC daytime saga Doctors.

Hollyoaks airs every weeknight at 7PM on E4, and 6:30PM on Channel 4

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