Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 15th September

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, September 15.

Fiz calls Tyrone as Hope refuses to go to school. Hope is scornful of Alina for stealing her daddy. Alina is horrified when Hope mentions ‘other fires’ she has started. Later, Alina is heartbroken when Tyrone admits he wants to get back with Fiz. Fiz, however, has other ideas as she notes to Phill that she’s definitely over her ex.

Alina ensures a very public humiliation for Tyrone before climbing in a taxi to leave. As Fiz and Phill head to the bistro, can a desolate Tyrone convince Alina to stay?

Meanwhile, Ken confides in Rita that Norris wants to meet up as he has some important news. They are shocked when they hear that Norris has been taken ill with a suspected stroke.

Ken, Rita and Mary arrive at the hospital to be met by an ashen-faced Freda who breaks the news that Norris died half an hour ago.

Elsewhere, Craig sets the record straight; Summer and Aadi agree to take things slowly.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

April is shocked when Cathy breaks down and reveals she started the online trolling. Irate, April heads off and Cathy fears the consequences.

Meanwhile, stressed-out Marlon ropes in Matty to help with The Woolpack barbecue, cash-in-hand. As Marlon exits, a pleased Matty gears up to use the grill. He squirts lighter fluid on the barbecue, sending up a fireball of flame burning his hands.

Marlon beats himself up as Chas tells him they could lose everything if Matty sues.

Emmerdale, ITV, 6.45pm

A grounded Leah tries to get revenge on Liberty by telling Ste that she spotted Summer at school. When the police are notified, the lie results in bickering Brody and Sienna being forced to spend time together in a safe house.

The former lovers have a heart-to heart, and a happy ending could be on the horizon, but unbeknown to them, Summer is lurking in the shadows.

Meanwhile, a newly motivated Warren meets with Fergus as the pair set their sights on The Hutch. However, Tony refuses to sell to them, not wanting his beloved bistro to go to two dodgy landlords. They realise they must make amends with Misbah, fearing she is spreading a bad word about them, but will she accept their apologies?

Later, panic-stricken Timmy has some big news for Fergus.

Elsewhere, Ali covers for Mandy

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Harriet visits Rob to fill him in – Aaron is awake, but can’t remember anything. It’s all fine

Meanwhile, Ruhma can’t find an alternative partner. She dismisses Al’s suggestion of Valerie. Al notes how good he is and finding bargains in car boot sales. Ruhma manipulates him, she thinks he’ll do it if it’s a challenge to him.

Elsewhere, Luca deals with a young couple with a tragic recent past, which is manifesting itself in an unusual way.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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