EastEnders’ Danny Dyer stars in ‘mental health’ movie Stepping Stone

Danny Dyer has just completed filming on Chance 43 Productions’ first short film, Stepping Stone, to raise awareness of mental health issues and money for suicide prevention charities.

The 30-minute fictional film has been written, directed and produced by 17-year-old, first-time filmmaker Noah Caplan, who has witnessed many friends and family members tackle mental illness and has personally suffered from mental health complications after his younger sister was involved in a life-threatening accident.

“I was moved to tears by Noah’s synopsis and felt that I could bring something to the project. For someone so young to recognise the terrible mental health problems which will undoubtedly be the worst hangover of these uncertain times, and to want to try to help in some way is inspiring, I had no choice but to get involved.” – Jackie Green, Stepping Stone Executive Producer

The film follows four unalike characters as they deal with issues including domestic abuse, alcoholism and living with anxiety. Each of their individual journeys to seek help starts with the first, all-important, pivotal step – speaking to someone.

Alongside Danny, the production has an ensemble cast of both well-established and talented, upcoming actors such as rising star, Cush Berlyn (Trust), who plays the role of the counsellor in a bid to change the lives of his patients.

The cast also includes David ‘Sideman’ Whitely, Noah Caplan and Georgia Moncur.

“It was an absolute honour to work on this film with Danny Dyer and this fantastic team.  This is a passion project that I have been working on since my sister was involved in and survived a tragic accident and I saw the effect this had on me and everyone around me. I am so grateful that this experience led me to give back to the world, through the power of film.”

“Mental health is something very close to my heart and I hope this film can help other people. As a family, mental health has always been an open discussion, and I want to help bring that conversation into many other households and friendship groups. With this film we hope to put the subject matter in the limelight, using familiar faces and extravagant storytelling.  My goal is to make mental health an open discussion.” – Noah Caplan

The project aims to discourage suffering in silence – speaking to someone (anyone) is the first step (Stepping Stone) in seeking help.

The film plans to address and provide support for people going through challenging times. Furthermore, it is seeking to normalise conversations regarding mental wellbeing within male friendship groups as a prevention method for mental illness.

The Stepping Stone project was greenlit in March of last year and has already picked up some notoriety on social media, following a collaboration deal with renowned artists, The Connor Brothers, who have created the stimulus artwork to be featured in the film.

This artwork will later be auctioned, with all proceeds from the sales going to CALM.

“The power of this thing [the mind] is a mad old thing, so we have got look after it.” – Danny Dyer

Talking about working with young filmmaker, Noah Caplan, Danny added,

“I was very, very impressed.  Barely seventeen years old, the fact he’s got his shit together the way he has and pulled this all together is pretty amazing.  I really enjoyed myself. It was a pleasure.”

Stepping Stone is a Chance 43 Productions production. The Executive Producers are Jackie Green and Monique Blake, Director, Writer and Creator is Noah Caplan and Cinematographer is the award-winning, Simon Aukes (Blue Story).

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