Suzanne Packer to return to Casualty for two-part Christmas special

Suzanne Packer will return to Casualty as nurse Tess Bateman this December, for a two-part festive special written by Barbara Machin.

The first of the special episodes, which airs on Saturday 4th December on BBC One, will see a shocked Charlie (Derek Thompson) discover Tess (Suzanne Packer) on his doorstep.

Tess comes to tell him she is returning to the Emergency Department as a locum over the busy Christmas period. But with a clear strain on their friendship, will they be able to work things out..?

“I was so delighted to be asked back to Casualty for a couple of episodes. It was an absolute joy to work with the team again, especially Derek! Most of my scenes were with him, add that to a wonderful script by Barbara Machin and to work alongside Holly Aird, it was a dream return. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.” – Suzanne Packer

Packer previously played the role of Tess between 2003-2015, with a one-off appearance in 2016.

The character’s storylines included being trapped in a building collapse after befriending an asylum seeker, assisting Charlie with Megan’s (Brenda Fricker) suicide and dealing with her bi-polar son Sam (Luke Bailey).

Packer won an award for her portrayal of Tess at the 2006 Screen Nation Awards.

Casualty is a BBC Studios production and airs on Saturday evenings on BBC One.

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