This week in Doctors and Holby City

This week in the wards of the Holby City Hospital and Leatherbridge Mill Medical Centres…

This week Graham Seed (Crossroads, The Archers) continues his guest-spot as Victor Oliver. While former EastEnders actress Lin Blakely arrives in a guest spot as Alice Elliott.

Karen tells Rob about her date, but Rob doesn’t bat an eyelid. Victor arrives and flirts outrageously with Karen, but Rob continues to show no jealousy at all. At the restaurant, Karen is preoccupied with Rob while Victor tries to get her to relax and enjoy the evening.

Victor hangs off her every word and it’s clear this has become more than an act to him. They return home and try one more attempt to provoke Rob, but he’s already gone to bed leaving Karen deflated. Karen calls Maggie and tells her the plan was a failure. Maggie tells her she did it wrong and shouldn’t have even left the house and stayed in and flirted with Victor. Karen claims that’s not what Maggie said and Karen is left even more fed up.

Bear arrives at St Phil’s to take Makeda home, greeting her with a bunch of flowers and the promise of a slap-up meal cooked by him. Later Bear returns with news that Dr Deng has been called into an emergency and Makeda can’t be discharged until she’s free. Over coffee, Bear tries to get Makeda to pull back on her plans to move to France and come to live with him for a while. She rejects the idea so he forces her to let him come and stay with her.

Valerie takes great pleasure in going on about her wedding to anyone who will listen, especially frustrating Emma. Ruhma calls her and hearing her exasperation offers to take Valerie to a wedding dress shop. At the shop, Valerie is like a kid at Christmas but gets downhearted when none of the dresses suits her and makes her feel old.

Luca’s HIV status is exposed online and soon its spread around Leatherbridge quicker than an STI. Daniel gets an earful from holidaying Zara for not keeping her informed about the Luca situation. Bear and Daniel try to talk to Luca about the best way to handle it but Luca doesn’t want to talk, he just wants to treat patients. It becomes clear that patients are cancelling their appointments with Luca and he is gutted.

He vents to Emma when Sid comes in and asks for his assistance in the minor surgery unit which Luca appreciates. When it all goes wrong with Mo, Bear and Daniel try to get Luca to combat the disinformation with some online videos, but Luca is sick of having privacy invaded and walks out, telling Emma the only solution is to leave The Mill.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday, 1.45 pm

This week in the wards of Holby City Hospital, Eli struggles to focus on the ward as he worries about Amelia’s health while Josh is due to start therapy, but is he ready to face his demons? and Can Russ charm Hanssen into accepting his apology?

Eli is on edge when Amelia makes an unexpected visit to the hospital. Could it be that Amelia’s tumour worse than they first thought…

Josh promised Ange he would go to therapy for his eating disorder but with a busy day ahead, will he keep his word? Elsewhere Russ attempts to apologise to Hanssen, but its a 50/50 guess to whether he can weave his magic on him to get peace and forgiveness.

Holby City, BBC One, Tuesday 7.50 pm (8.20 pm on BBC One Scotland)

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