TV Highlights: From Bishop to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Telly Today picks for January 8th…

No bashing the…

John Bishop is to present a brand new topical chat show Saturday nights on ITV, The John Bishop Show, which will be co-produced by So Television, part of ITV Studios and Lola Television.

The comedy superstar and actor, currently on a huge arena tour with his new stand-up show Right Here Right Now and star of the latest Doctor Who series, is getting ready to bring his all-around comedic views to ITV for six weeks.

Each week John will open the show with a topical stand-up routine and then chat to some very special celebrity guests. Star interviewees will include the hottest names in film, TV, sport, music and more. John will also be checking the global comedy pulse with a team of stand-ups from all over the world. The show will be recorded a few hours before transmission, in front of a live studio audience.

The John Bishop Show, ITV (UTV/STV), 9.30 pm

Rock On…

Fancy an animation fantasy? Well from today you can join Graham Hamilton, Ashleigh Ball, Kathleen Barr, Andrew Francis, Brian Drummond and Jason Simpson in the second offering of Rock Dog.

One year after their first adventure, musical canine Bodi and his band, Ture Blue, have become locally famous in the village of Snow Mountain – even attracting a small following of devoted fans. But when a music mogul named Lang gives them the opportunity to tour with pop sensation Lil’ Foxy, Bodi and his friends learn that fame comes with a price.

Ultimately, only by staying true to yourself can you unleash the true power of rock ‘n’ roll.

Rock Dog 2, from today on Sky Cinema

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