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Channel 5 send Ben Fogle to Northumberland


Channel 5 send Ben Fogle to Northumberland

Best on the Box choice for February 15th…

Ben travels to England’s most northerly coastline, Northumberland, to stay with 43-year-old Kezz and 40-year-old Nathalie.

Kezz and Nathalie are a couple who gave up a rock’n’roll lifestyle to become caretakers of a secluded wood. Ben helps the couple with their straw-bale house, gets a crash course in felling trees, learns the traditional art of charcoal-making, and discovers that no conversation is off limits with his fascinating hosts.

He finds out how these ‘wood wizards’ have created a sustainable business from the forest around them, and how nature, as well as transforming the woodland, is actually restoring them, too.

New Lives in the Wild, Channel 5, 9 pm

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