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Jane Seymour is Harry Wild


Jane Seymour is Harry Wild

The series comes to Acorn TV this week.

Starring Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress Jane Seymour, the Acorn TV Original murder mystery thriller series Harry Wild will make its debut with two episodes on Monday, April 4 on Acorn TV, AMC Networks’ streamer devoted to British and international television in America, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Two new episodes of the eight-episode series will follow weekly every Monday through April 25, 2022.

David Logan, Writer, Creator, Executive Producer:

“Harry is a retired English professor who smokes too much, drinks too much, but loves the sound of her own voice, is always right even when she’s wrong. She is someone who takes a teenager under her wing and educates him because she knows that she sees something in him that no one else does. She is someone who, because she’s always right, always has to be right. Always has to go out of her way to prove she’s right. Hence when her son won’t believe her about this murder case, she has to go and catch the killer and absolutely will not give up until she is proven right to everyone.”

Jane Seymour stars as Harriet “Harry” Wild, a retiring university literature professor who is finding herself at one of life’s crossroads. Jolted from a mugging, she reluctantly agrees to recover in the home of her son, Charlie (Kevin Ryan), a senior police detective.

Harry starts to interfere in a particularly baffling murder case Charlie is investigating when she notices the murder shares striking similarities to an obscure Elizabethan play. When her path crosses that of her mugger, Fergus Reid (Rohan Nedd), Harry sees great potential in the troubled teen and, instead of turning him in, enlists him as her sidekick.

Following her successful, albeit ill-advised, involvement in the case, Harry discovers a new lust for life. She and Fergus quickly find new mysteries, including ones that involve a fledgling serial killer with a Dostoevsky fixation, gamblers running snuff games, and a wealthy Dublin matriarch strangled during a video call. Harry’s new passion brings her into direct conflict with Charlie, who could really do without his mother causing trouble at work. Stuart Graham and Amy Huberman co-star.

Jane Seymour:

“Harry’s a retired English professor from Trinity. She’s a very independent woman. She’s never been married, she has a son. She does what she wants, when she wants, how she wants – and she is somewhat unconventional. When she retires, she thinks she’s going to be bored to tears and suddenly finds herself becoming a detective and a rather good one too.

“Her sidekick is this wonderful young man, Fergus. So her great talent in life is to be excited about English literature – about any literature, about history, about all of these things. Now she has a kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, who never really got to pay any attention to education, was about to quit. She has a chance to really teach him one-on-one, while he teaches her how to manage the life of criminals, crime, and the street.”

A Dynamic Television Production, Harry Wild is executive produced by Dan March, Klaus Zimmermann, James Gibb, James Flynn, Morgan O’Sullivan, David McLoughlin, Jane Seymour, David Logan, Jo Spain, Bea Tammer, Catherine Mackin, Claus Wunn and Frank Seyberth. Acorn Media Enterprises and ZDF co- produce. Created and written by David Logan.

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