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Doctors: Maeve opens up to Karen

Pick of the Plots

Doctors: Maeve opens up to Karen

This week in Letherbridge.

Monday: Princess and Valerie appear to be getting on famously. Princess sees a patient, Audrey, and puts her foot in it over Audrey’s weight. Audrey insists on making an official complaint. Bear and Sid tell Audrey they will get to the root of Princess’ behaviour. Sid gets frustrated when Princess doesn’t seem to get the point. Sid wants to make a new training plan with Princess. She convinced him to do it over lunch. She continues to resist admitting her behaviour was wrong but seems to win Sid round.

Maeve opens up to Karen about her mother, how she fell down the stairs and feels she is losing her independence. And that Maeve is ‘making her go into a home.’ Maeve sees Dale, 16, who comes to the surgery; she knows him of old. He thinks he has an STI. She is more concerned with his cough. Dale says he’ll tell the girl – he met her at the new Radar Club. Maeve then reveals to Karen that her Mum had a stroke. She gets a call from the care home. Maeve tells Jimmi she is a mess, feeling guilty that she is relieved her Mum is going to a home.

Tuesday: Valerie arrives to meet Scarlett, the new receptionist, and takes her on today to teach her. Scarlett reveals she’s never worked at a GPs before. She teaches Scarlett how to check schedules and make appointments. But under Zara’s impatient eye, Scarlett crumbles. Princess flirts with Sid, and Scarlett finds the whole place weird, enhanced when she sees Al and Emma talking like pirates, and meets Ruhma who instantly tells her about Heston. Valerie tells her she’s at Sutton Vale tomorrow with Karen.

Maeve asks Jimmi if he’s had any patients with respiratory issues. She’s had a few, all who had been to the Radar Club. And some had a rash too. She calls Dale, who asks if he’s had any other symptoms, and gets out of him that he has a rash. Dale comes in with his friend Sammy… who collapses and is taken to the hospital. Dale admits they both had a new drug from the Radar Club. Dale worries he might collapse too.

Wednesday: Scarlett meets Karen at Sutton Vale, and teaches her the computer booking system. All seems to be going well, but when Karen has a toilet break, lots of things happen at once and Scarlett gets flustered. She sends a patient through to Daniel. Karen deals with an angry patient on the phone. She asks Scarlett what happened. Scarlett says the system wouldn’t work, she was on the phone, and someone came in. Karen isn’t impressed with her attitude. Daniel is annoyed that a patient came through when he still has someone in with him. Scarlett, on the phone, is clearly frustrated and isn’t sure if she wants this job.

Maeve calls Jimmi, there are more cases of rash/respiratory issues. They have to do something, has he managed to get the sample tested yet? Jimmi goes to Al to see if Al can help as the official lines are taking too long. Al has a mate at the university who might be able to help.

Thursday: Al is back at Sutton Vale for the first time since he walked out, and meets Maeve. He is chasing a Uni friend to test those samples. The results show it is nasty and could lead to death. They resolve to speak to the police. But when they see Rob, he is busy, and brushes them off. But it gives them an idea, to spread the word themselves on Social Media.

Scarlett gets a call from Brian, he thinks he’s in with a chance of a job. Bear catches her away from the desk. Valerie gives Scarlett life advice. But it turns out Scarlett is better with the tech than Valerie is. Buy Scarlett gives a patient the wrong prescription, and Zara discovers. Scarlett feels like she can’t win, despite Zara’s reassurances. Bear calls her in, and discusses the issues of the last few days.

Regular soap viewers will this week spot Simon Lowe in Thursday’s edition as ‘Brian Kiernan‘ who has appeared in EastEnders and Crossroads.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday, 1.45 pm. Repeated on BBC Two at 7 pm.


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