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Paige Sandhu talks the madness of Meena’s final stand


Paige Sandhu talks the madness of Meena’s final stand

Things go all Sunset Beach in this evening’s visit to the Yorkshire Dales…

Emmerdale’s resident villain Paige Sandhu has promised drama to the very end as the trial of one of the soap’s biggest baddies comes to a close.

The actor, who plays evil Meena Julta in the show, joined Lorraine presenter Christine Lampard in the studio ahead of her final scenes and potential comeuppance in tonight’s explosive hour-long episode – admitting “it feels emotional”.

On playing iconic soap baddie Meena, Paige explained:

“It’s just been a delight. I feel like Emmerdale just went into my brain and saw my dream character, plucked her out and put her on a page. She’s just an absolute dream of a character.

“She gets to go crazy, wild and then you see moments like last night when she was on the stand, and she’s an incredible actress. It’s just been a dream.”

On murderous Meena’s big finale tonight, she said:

“I always imagined it would go a certain way, but it’s so much better than that. It’s just so dramatic and there’s one thing that’s going to come out tonight where I actually dropped my script [and gasped] ‘I can’t believe it’. This is a big, big secret that I think the audience will love and be really exciting and just adds another dimension to Meena, Meena’s relationship with her sister and the whole storyline.”

Emmerdale, tonight at 7 pm on ITV, STV, UTV. Lorraine, weekdays from 9 am on ITV and the ITV Hub.

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