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Home and Away: Marilyn laments the emptiness of her life

Pick of the Plots

Home and Away: Marilyn laments the emptiness of her life

This week in Summer Bay…

MondayTo Logan’s shock, a debt collector shows up on Mackenzie’s doorstep looking for her. When Logan passes on the debt collector’s card, Mackenzie dismisses it as a mistake. But Logan is clearly concerned. Overhearing a fraught Mackenzie on the phone, Logan offers to lend her money if she needs it. Mackenzie downplays the debt – it was a few car repayments that slipped her mind. But Logan is not easily fooled.

A distressed Jasmine runs into Cash’s arms after her harrowing first discussion with Xander. After hearing Xander’s rosy account of their perfect father, Jasmine cannot understand, why couldn’t he be that father for Jasmine? Xander feels guilty for dumping his picture-perfect childhood on Jasmine. When Cash overhears Rose’s plans to leave town with Xander, Cash intervenes in Jasmine’s defence.

Rose witnesses a robbery at the Diner and runs off after the thief. Marilyn, Irene & Roo watch on, dumbfounded. Rose chases down the thief to a nearby car, pinning him against the door, hands behind his back. Sirens announce the police’s arrival, as Cash emerges from the car and takes over. A stunned Cash turns to Rose, the woman he met at the pool, to ask if she’s okay. Rose is unperturbed, seemingly in her element chasing down thieves. Cash tries giving her a stern word about safety, until Rose slams down her police badge, amused. Cash can’t believe it, she’s a cop? Only to make matters stranger, Cash notices Rose’s surname on the badge ID – Delaney. Cash is shocked to discover Rose is related to Jasmine.

TuesdayMia unleashes her frustration on a punching bag. Copping the hit, Tane can read the signs. What’s bothering her? Mia worries that Nikau & Chloe are relying too much on their friends to support them.

Jasmine is dismayed by Rose & Xander’s decision to stay in Summer Bay. Cash encourages Jasmine to hear them out. Rose tries to bridge the gap by suggesting they’ve all lost a loved one. Perhaps they could work through their grief together as a family? Bitterness overwhelms Jasmine at the suggestion of ‘happy families’.

Mackenzie interrogates Felicity on her illegal gambling idea. Felicity makes a compelling case – her former boss would make upwards of $10 000 a night tax-free running high roller events. Mackenzie is tempted. Could it be a quick fix to her debt problems? Felicity offers to put her feelers out for Mac, she just needs to say the word. Mackenzie barely needs time to think, telling Felicity it’s a yes.

Sniffing a secret excitement between Mackenzie & Felicity, Ryder wants in. Mackenzie is reluctant to drag Ryder into her illegal activities, but Felicity pushes her. They need allies. And a bartender. Salt is transformed into a glamorous, dimly-lit poker room. Everyone is dressed to the nines, looking the part. But despite Felicity, Ryder & Tane’s glee at such an exclusive secret, Mackenzie is on edge

Wednesday: The poker games get underway. Felicity is in her element, greeting all the guests, and encouraging the top-shelf drinks to flow. Mackenzie marvels at Felicity’s easy grace while conducting illegal business. Tane takes to the poker games smoothly, raking in winnings and shouting rounds for the game’s losers. Felicity is impressed by Tane’s poker prowess. Eager to escape Bella’s two shadows – Nikau & Chloe – Ziggy & Dean head to Salt for dinner. But they find a ‘Closed for Private Function’ sign outside. Justin & Logan are confusedly waiting there too, wanting takeaway pizza. Salt is never closed. Desperately trying to keep public curiosity at bay, Mackenzie goes outside to calm the concern and turn them away.

Ziggy & Dean are delighted to arrive home to a clean & empty house, with dinner ready in the fridge. Perhaps their de facto housemates aren’t so bad after all. Sinking into the luxury of the house to themselves, their privacy is short-lived. Mia shows up unannounced looking for Chloe after her family dinner no-show. Sensing Mia’s sadness, Dean & Ziggy offer Mia to stay for a cuppa. Mia is grateful for the sympathy, feeling like she’s a burden the family is avoiding. After losing her husband and feeling abandoned by her family, Ziggy & Dean lament Mia’s loneliness.

Marilyn seems distant, so a concerned Roo enquires. Marilyn admits she’s felt off since returning from her time away. Roo suggests she could be shaken up by the recent robbery at work. Marilyn is dismissive, but Roo’s concern grows.

ThursdayDetermined to repair the Parata family rift, Dean expresses to Chloe how upset Mia was about their no-show for family dinner. Chloe & Nikau fight over who was responsible for communicating with Mia. Feeling guilty, Chloe promises to go see Mia and clear the air.

Theo is surprised to find Ziggy at the garage. Wasn’t today her day off? Ziggy thought so too. But Justin had something come up. Theo wonders what is so urgent in Justin’s world. Even more concerning is his discovery that Leah cancelled her shift at the diner as well. But Theo is pleasantly distracted at lunch, so he doesn’t dwell on it.

Roo checks in with an unmoored Marilyn, who laments the emptiness of her life. Roo suggests Marilyn fill her life with things she loves, but Marilyn seems determined to fill it with work. To surprise Theo, Leah & Justin bring Dimitri to the garage. But it’s not the family reunion they were expecting. Theo is less than enthused about Dimitri’s arrival, he appears terrified. A pushy Dimitri asks for some time alone with Theo. Feeling the pressure of Leah’s hope, Theo reluctantly agrees to grab a quick coffee with his father.

Driving away from Dimitri, Theo stumbles upon Chloe walking alone. He pulls over and offers her a lift. Chloe suggests they get far away from here. Fleeing his own family problems, Theo is happy to oblige.

Friday: On the road to nowhere, Chloe detects Theo’s sour mood. A reticent Theo is coaxed by Chloe to reveal his father has showed up in Summer Bay. They stop for a roadside snack, and Theo asks what Chloe is running away from. Glad to have a considerate listener, Chloe explains that Bella kicked her out. Theo isn’t ready to go home either. Chloe knows a place they can go… her place. Finding the house empty, Chloe invites Theo to stay. Unsure of Chloe’s intentions, Theo hesitates. To clarify, Chloe leans in and kisses him, then pulls him towards her bedroom.

Making herself at home at Bella & Dean’s yet again, Chloe writes her thoughts in her journal. But her thoughts reveal a different side to Chloe… In them, Chloe admits to deceiving both Bella & Nikau about her regret for sleeping with Theo.

Dean is surprised to find Chloe in his house after they kicked her out yesterday. Chloe promises she’s going to make amends with Mia from now on. Dean is glad to hear it. But Chloe’s journal shows how deceptive she can be.

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