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Neighbours: Glen spies Paul flirting with Terese’s mother Estelle

Pick of the Plots

Neighbours: Glen spies Paul flirting with Terese’s mother Estelle

This week in Erinsbrough…

Monday: Hendrix is thrilled he’s getting his transplant and wants to thank his donor. Despite Karl telling him it’s not possible, Hendrix finds the donor and visits him in hospital. When he’s caught by the donor’s distraught sister, he’s struck with guilt, and his transplant is left hanging in the balance…

When Terese finds Estelle and Paul having drinks, she rips shreds off of her. Estelle begs Terese to let her stay, and she does – on the condition she stays away from Paul. She agrees, but it’s clear both Estelle and Paul are set on trying to use Terese for their schemes…

Tuesday: Hendrix absorbs the bad news, devastated that he’s jeopardized what could be his only shot at a transplant. Observing the heartache, Mackenzie tracks down the donor’s father and begs him to reconsider… but will it be enough?

Harlow learns from the police exactly what Corey was hiding from her – a video of Prue in an intimate situation with a man from The Order. Shocked, she reels from the discovery, and begins to see her mother in a whole new light.

Chloe breaks the girl code and tells Levi he needs to make things official with Freya. He’s confused, thinking she wasn’t into him, but Chloe words give him the confidence he needs. He’s geared up to make a big romantic gesture; will Freya and Levi finally be able to be happy?

Wednesday: Terese’s struggles with her mother go from bad to worse when Estelle flirts with recently discharged Glen – and learns he’s Paul’s brother. Unsure if she can put up with her mother, Terese is shocked to learn of Paul’s new love interest…

Hendrix and Mackenzie plan their fast-tracked wedding, and everyone rallies to make it happen. They choose their wedding party, and Hendrix secretly endeavours to give Mackenzie her dream wedding. Stressed but loved up, the two look forward to their future together.

Thursday: Terese is furious to find her mother on a date with Paul, but Estelle insists she’s only there to spy on him. Unsure what to believe, Terese takes her to Josh’s plaque, and they share a moment of warmth. Will mother and daughter be able to see eye to eye?

Glen’s struggling with his back pain, but refuses Harlow’s offer to manage his addictive medication. A blast from Paul puts him in a world of physical and emotional hurt, and he turns back to the pills. Will he be able to resist their temptation?

Freya and Levi enjoy a romantic picnic, where things go from sweet to steamy fast. With no place to go, they end up getting jiggy in the bushes… and their clothes are promptly stolen. But the naughty adventure only brings them closer.

Friday: Wanting to lend a hand, Nicolette’s making Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding cake. She puts her all into it, which Kiri notices. Endeared by her love and compassion, Kiri can’t help feeling herself drawing closer to Nicolette…

Glen’s feeling good on his pills but a run-in with Kiri makes him rethink the slippery slope he’s on. He goes to AA and asks Harlow to help him manage his medication. He’s reassured to have a plan in place – but can he stick to it?

Annoyed he’s lost Estelle, Paul tempts her with a gorgeous bracelet. She tries to refuse, but greed gets the better of her. After yet another argument with Terese, she returns to the dark side and visits Paul.

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

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