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Juana Martin: the first Spanish woman designer in the Paris Haute Couture calendar

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Juana Martin: the first Spanish woman designer in the Paris Haute Couture calendar

The cordobese designer makes history in fashion, as she is the first spanish woman selected by the Fédération française de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) to present her flamenco and vanguardist inspired designs.

Juana Martín is an example of adaptation, personal growth and resilience. Since 1999, she has demonstrated to be one of the most versatile designers of Spanish fashion, earning international recognition through her characteristic designs of flamenco’s essence and artisan techniques. This year the FHCM committee acknowledges her fashion brand including her in the official Haute Couture calendar.

July the 7th, at 4pm, will be the date when the designer presents the “Andalucía” collection, for the Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 season. A very well-recognised fashion show, where only a few designers have the pleasure to intervene. Queen of the flounces, of the embroidery, of the dots and the brocades, of big volumes and the laces… All these elements converge in a contemporary way on her Couture designs, offering a unique and original style that arises from Juana’s most loyal roots.

Juana Martín becomes the first Spanish woman to conquer the official Haute Couture fashion runways. This thorough selection of participants is due to the strict requirements that make fashion creations, to be Couture. “It is an honor to bring back the Spanish Couture to the official calendar of the FHCM”, Juana Martin says.

Juana Martín’s last runway in Spain was in 2018, where she started a transition, aspiring to the fashion capital. Paris becomes the new scenario for her creations that walk at the prêt-a-porter fashion weeks. After this, she presents her new collections in the context of the Paris Haute Couture week, in 3 consecutive seasons outside of the calendar.

With a support from press and brand ambassadors such as Rossy de Palma and Sharon Stone, Juana Martin is the new guest member of Haute Couture calendar.

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