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Gwyneth returns to Cwmderi in Pobol y Cwm


Gwyneth returns to Cwmderi in Pobol y Cwm

She’s back and she’s out for revenge!

There have been several baddies in Cwmderi over the years causing trouble and making life difficult for the residents of the Cwm – and one of the scariest of them all is Gwyneth Jones.

Gwyneth, who is played by the actor Llinor ap Gwynedd in Pobol y Cwm, has been away from Cwmderi for a spell in jail for dealing drugs – and she was framed for murder by the drugs gang led by Dylan Elis.

Now Gwyneth is back and she’s angry – really angry – and someone is going to pay for what they did to her.

Llinor ap Gwynedd:

“Gwyneth has come back to the village to take her revenge on Dylan because she knows that it was Dylan who framed her for this murder. Gwyneth has been rotting in jail for two years and she can’t think of anything apart from getting her revenge on Dylan.

“Then she comes back and takes Jaclyn hostage. Jaclyn admits that she knew what Dylan had done and in that second, Gwyneth attacks Jaclyn.”

And that’s the end of Jaclyn.

“This wasn’t her intention but in that moment the ‘red mist’ descended. And she regrets what’s happened and she also finds out that Jaclyn was pregnant. And this has caused Gwyneth to feel really bad because she didn’t mean to do this, she certainly didn’t want to kill the baby, but she still has this pure hate towards Dylan.”

Llinor enjoys playing Gwyneth – and sees her as a complicated and multi-faceted character.

“In my head, nobody is 100 per cent bad or 100 per cent good. Every individual has different dimensions. There’s a bit of bad in us all, I think. It’s just that Gwyneth goes to extremes.

“She’s a loving mother to Gwern. Then she goes and makes mistakes which put that relationship in a difficult place. The thing with Gwyneth is that she is very inconsistent because she is so impulsive and this makes her go to extremes. She’s her own worst enemy. The irony of Gwyneth’s situation is, she has become embittered while in jail because she can’t be with her son, but in her head, the answer to this is to kill the person who has put her in jail. This doesn’t make any sense, does it?

“Because what she’s doing is putting herself in a position whereby she could end up in jail for ever. This doesn’t make any sense to a reasonable person but because Gwyneth has become so embittered, she doesn’t see that she’s being completely unreasonable in this situation.”

Llinor has played the part of Gwyneth in Pobol y Cwm for 19 years and remembers her first scene being on location with Emyr Wyn, Gwyn Elfyn and Huw Ceredig.

“As it turns out, I knew the three of them so it wasn’t as daunting as it sounds. And all three were really welcoming,”

Pobol y Cwm, S4C Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8 pm
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