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Telly Today: Russell Howard, Jon Richardson and Westminster Abbey


Telly Today: Russell Howard, Jon Richardson and Westminster Abbey

Image: Sky

Telly Today: Russell Howard, Jon Richardson and Westminster Abbey

TV highlights for October 6th…


The sixth series continues with its fifth outing tonight on the channel formerly known as Sky One.

Russell Howard is back to share his hilarious takes on the spiralling headlines. Viewers will see the welcome return of Playground Politics, where Russell talks to entertaining school children around the country on a whole host of topics and issues and Good Deeds, with the show continuing to celebrate the nation’s acts of kindness plus live guest performances from the world of comedy.

10,35 pm, Sky Max


Westminster Abbey is opening its doors with privileged access to reveal the inner workings of one of the UK’s most renowned and historical buildings.

It’s Holy Week at Westminster Abbey and prep has begun for the most important week in their year. Kicking off the commemorations is the abbey’s very own choir school, who recently sang at the Queen’s funeral and over history have sung in Easter services for at least 450 years.

It’s down to Music Director James O’Donnell to get the choir into perfect tune!

Meanwhile, Matthew Payne, Keeper of the Muniments (the abbey’s vast collection of documents), is turning detective and investigating something mysterious up in the muniments’ room. A concealed doorway could lead to a medieval strong room. Could the Crown Jewels have been kept here before they were moved to the Tower? Downstairs, pulling out all the stops, is sub-
organist Peter Holder. The organ is crucial
to the Easter services, but with a demanding abbey in the day, the quiet tourist-free evenings are used for much-needed rehearsal time.

The main organ’s mechanical lungs are found in a rather unexpected location, which Peter has to climb in and inspect before the big Easter service.

With visitor numbers finally rising after the pandemic, it’s crunch time for Head of Visitor Experience, Scott Craddock, who has to maximise the abbey’s income and fast. After the success of the Hidden Highlights tours, Scott has hatched a plan to create a new revenue stream by taking visitors to the roof of the abbey for the first time. But with only 50mm of ancient plaster in the lavish vaulted ceilings, it has to be planned to perfection.

Over in Dean’s Yard, a little-seen tradition is being kept alive. Supervised by Deputy Clerk of the Works, Iain McDonald, the abbey’s 19th-century gas lamps are getting their annual once-over. As Holy Week reaches its climax, the vergers feel the demands of the abbey’s abundance of services. Minor canon Bob is also feeling the burden of his solo performance, with a huge candle in the dark
at the main Easter Vigil service. But will it be
alright on the night?

8 pm, Channel 5


Comedian Jon Richardson is on a mission… he needs to find his mother-in-law Gill somewhere to retire to and quickly. Otherwise, she’s going to move into his spare room in Yorkshire and live WITH HIM!

Armed with his GCSE in Spanish and the cheapest car rental he can find, Jon’s taking her on a road trip across Spain to find her the perfect place in the sun.

The only problem is that Gill wants to grow old disgracefully. Cue a journey that takes in sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, with some guns and cats thrown in for good measure. Take my mother-in-law? No, have her, please!

10 pm, Channel 4

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