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Channel 5 revisit the Soham murders in Maxine drama


Channel 5 revisit the Soham murders in Maxine drama

Image: Bernard Walsh / Channel 5

Channel 5 revisit the Soham murders in Maxine drama

Best on the Box choice for Monday, October 10th…

Based on real events, Maxine revisits the Soham murders through the eyes of school assistant Maxine Carr. In 2002, a community is shaken when two 10-yearold girls go missing in Soham. When
Maxine Carr’s boyfriend Ian Huntley admits to the police that he was the last person to see them, and she provides him with an alibi.

As the investigation escalates, the police and journalist Brian Farmer begin to unravel the truth. When Maxine’s alibi comes under scrutiny and the bodies of the two girls are discovered, the couple are arrested on suspicion of murder.

As the trial heats up, how far will Maxine go for her boyfriend and how much does she really know?

In tonight’s first episode – of three- Maxine Carr moves to Soham for a fresh start with her boyfriend Ian Huntley. On a weekend home to see her mother, and following a jealous argument with Ian, Maxine parties the night away in her hometown of Grimsby.

She awakens to the news of the girls’ disappearance and returns to Soham to provide Ian with an alibi. As media interest escalates and the police search intensifies, the couple become increasingly exposed, and we’re left to wonder — how much does Maxine really know?


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