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Cash interrogates Felicity’s blackmailer in Home and Away

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Cash interrogates Felicity’s blackmailer in Home and Away

This week in Summer Bay…


Theo feels betrayed after discovering Kirby can surf – and she’s good! Why didn’t she say anything when they were together?! Kirby reminds him of her mandate – they are not together anymore, and their relationship is purely professional. Remi and Kirby split up to counsel the pair after their clash, and Theo later pleads with Justin to let him skip the imminent band meeting. Justin interrupts another clash on the beach later and offers to buy Theo breakfast, where he receives some bad news – the venue’s pulled out of their upcoming gig.

Remi has some harsh words for Kirby about the impact her love life is having on the band and Kirby approaches Theo with an olive branch. Theo quizzes her – why did she stop surfing? And why didn’t she ever confide in him? He reassures her – he’s here if she needs to talk. Can the exes forge a friendship for the sake of Lyrik?

Irene is feeling buoyed after her chat with Marilyn and invites John over for dinner. Marilyn quizzes – didn’t he only move out today? When Alf raises the same question later, Marilyn points out that Irene obviously enjoys John’s company – it’s fine. Irene knocks off work early to prepare dinner and gets the Scrabble out ready for a game too, but just as she’s organising dessert last minute, John cancels to video chat with Jett. Marilyn clocks Irene’s disappointment and ponders to Alf the next day, has Irene developed feelings for John? For real this time? When she floats it with Irene though she gets a spray – not now, and not ever will she have a romantic interest in John!


On the beach, Tane reassures a skittish Felicity – no one has posted that video, and they haven’t heard from the blackmailer again. Knowing the truth, Felicity feigns normalcy, but dodges Eden when she wants to catch up. Later, Felicity is brushing off Eden’s concern about her borrowing money from Cash, when Tane overhears. Tane instantly knows why she borrowed the money and can’t believe it – it’s only a matter of time until the next demand now. How could she be so naïve? Tane is soon proven correct when Felicity receives another text from her blackmailer – now they want another 20 grand. Felicity apologises to Tane, and he’s understanding, but when he leaves the room she responds to the demand – she’ll get her blackmailer the money.

Kirby confides in Theo over the reason she gave up surfing: she had a terrifying accident and nearly died. Returning to the water yesterday was huge for her. Theo explains his hurt: he was so open with her about his own experiences when they were together, and they said they’d always be honest with each other. She could have confided in him.

Justin calls an urgent band meeting to tell Lyrik he’s booked the Palais Metro for their gig. The only catch is, it’s for tonight. Remi and Kirby are sure it can’t be done but Justin urges them – it’s happening. The album goes live tonight. When the band convene it’s nothing short of chaos – Eden doesn’t want to “schmooze” with the band’s Q & A, and Theo points out that the album doesn’t even have a name yet. After some coaxing from Justin and Remi though, everyone’s on board. Can Lyrik wow the crowd with their album?

Feeling bad about their misunderstanding the day before, Marilyn invites Irene for dinner – they can do a Tarot reading and a manicure. Irene scoffs at the idea of Tarot, and when Marilyn suggests bringing Leah into the mix, Irene reels – is this a charity night for your sad, lonely old friend? “Thanks, Maz, but no thanks”.


Lyrik’s new album gets a warm reception at the launch. They prep for the Q & A after their performance, and Theo seems a little uneasy. When he’s quizzed by a journo about his relative inexperience, he freezes, his nerves getting the better of him. It’s left for Kirby to swoop in and save the day, singing Theo’s praises when she answers the question on behalf of the band. She’s a natural, and Theo is grateful. But at home later he vents to Justin about how humiliated he felt.

It’s the first time Felicity’s been to a Lyrik gig since she was assaulted at Battle of the Bands. While she starts the night confidently and wanting to support Eden, she’s soon haunted by flashbacks to the night of her assault and needs to rush out mid-panic attack. At home, she’s supported by Tane, and expresses how angry she has been. The following morning, Tane wakes up to an ominous note from his wife: “I’m not going to be a victim anymore. Please don’t hate me”. Felicity follows her blackmailer’s instructions and drops the money Cash left her in a remote bin. Is she in grave danger again?

Marilyn confides in Mackenzie over her fears for Irene – she’s worried her friend is lonely. At home, Irene has spelled out the word ‘Solitude’ on the Scrabble board when Marilyn and Mac turn up with pasta and dessert. Irene enjoys the company (and the pasta) but resolves that she’ll need to get used to being on her own in the long term.

Episode 8084; A distraught Felicity lays eyes on her attacker for the first time.


Rose and Mali model the new merch for Mantaray Boards, and Xander surprises Mali with a stack of flyers for his surf lessons. But Mali is still a way off from getting back in the water – can Xander manage the lessons without him? When Mali goes to meet a new client, he is appalled when Xander jumps straight into the lesson rather than reading the surf conditions. It seems Mali is having trouble sharing the load when it comes to his business…

With Felicity still MIA, Tane has confided in Cash about their blackmail hell. He tries to contact Felicity, but she’s preoccupied with stalking her extortionist. From her car, she manages to snap several quickfire pics of the man who’s been threatening her. As he leaves with the money, she is gripped by impulse and turns on the engine. Later she confides in Tane and Cash – she wanted to hit him with her car, but she stopped herself. And she caught him – she has him on camera. Both his face, and his license plates.

While Rose goes to make an arrest later, Cash and Felicity are at odds – how could she not have told him what was going on? Tane is naturally concerned as well – why confront this guy on her own?! Felicity is pleading her case to Cash when Rose escorts the blackmailer into the station, and Felicity comes face to face with her attacker. As Cash and Rose commence the interview, Cash is determined to take down his sister’s attacker.


Cash is mid-interrogation with Felicity’s blackmailer when he seizes the perpetrator’s phone – How do you explain this text message exchange? And what about this photo of the victim unconscious? His response is icy – “I want a lawyer”.

Soon after, Rose receives a message from forensics – they’ve found encrypted files on his phone, and Felicity wasn’t his only victim. When Cash attempts to take a DNA sample later, Jeremy taunts him – his lawyer will make all this go away – it’s “that chick’s” word against his. Cash is measured as he takes a swab – “that chick, is my sister” and Jeremy’s face falls.

Mali apologises to Xander – he was out of line putting his frustrations on him. When they go to Salt for a reconciliatory pizza, Mali checks his socials – his mum has seen a photo of him with Rose. And he hasn’t had a chance to tell her about them yet. A follow-up text from his sister Elandra confirms – Mali’s mum wants to know who the mystery woman in the photo is. And it seems she’s about to find out when Mali later invites Rose to meet his mum the next day!

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 

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