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Hollyoaks Autumn 2023 – top ten spoilers from brand-new trailer


Hollyoaks Autumn 2023 – top ten spoilers from brand-new trailer

Hollyoaks welcome the change of season with a brand-new trailer teasing murder mystery, clifftop jeopardy, and a shock new arrival…

As the drama premieres online earlier and becomes exclusive to E4 on linear,  a brand-new trailer offers a glimpse of what’s in store for viewers this autumn.

Plots include the decline of Felix’s mental health when he finds himself on the edge of a quarry. He’s pursued by Warren, who ends up in danger himself.

Meanwhile, Rayne’s villainy catches up with her, sparking a new whodunit, and Sienna’s growing feelings for Lord Rafe complicate her plans.

Top 10 highlights from the trailer:

1. Old habits die hard

When Felix gets down on one knee, Mercedes doesn’t give the answer he was hoping for. Instead of trying to make things right with her boyfriend, Mercedes doubles down by getting steamy with Warren in the garage. However, will Felix catch them in the act…

2. A man on the edge

Feeling like he’s lost his loved ones, Felix’s mental health starts to deteriorate which drives him to the edge of a quarry he used to visit as a child. Warren knows the destination and is quick to find him but ends up getting himself in a perilous situation whilst trying to save his best friend. With Warren dangling over the edge and Felix in a confused state, will they both make it home…

3. Back from the dead

Rayne’s mission to save her influencing career by inviting her group of “friends” to a luxury mansion turns disastrous when she sees a ghost in the form of her supposedly dead ex-boyfriend, Brent. His dramatic appearance at dinner leaves the partygoers disturbed and demanding answers…

4. Everyone’s a suspect

Villainous Rayne is murdered at her own pool party after the startling truth is finally exposed and the influencer makes an enemy out of everyone in attendance. The interrogations commence, and somebody is arrested, but have they found the killer…

5. A new arrival foils a cunning plan

Sienna is starting to catch real feelings for Lord Rafe, despite her plan to take him for all he’s worth. However, things start to unravel when Camilla enters the equation, claiming to be the ‘love of his life’. But Sienna isn’t backing down, vowing to make Rafe realise he’s in love with her, even if it kills her…

6. A new love interest too close to home

Ethan and Sienna’s relationship is deteriorating in their web of lies, so he decides it’s time to move on and find someone else, except Rafe’s little sister Dilly might be a little too close to home. The trailer teases a shock slap to the face for Dilly when Sienna finally cracks, but who will Ethan side with…

7. Health scare

Misbah rushes her daughter to A&E as a health scare for Yazz is on the horizon and, in heartbreaking scenes, she can’t fathom why her body keeps failing her…

8. Suspicious support group

Carter leads a popular support group and manages to persuade John Paul to join, promising to change the direction of his life, but Goldie isn’t convinced his intentions are pure and the suspicious McQueen is determined to find out what he’s really up to…

9. A McQueen celebration

The McQueen clan celebrate Mercedes’ 40th birthday as she wows in red at the party, but with her recent cheating scandal bubbling under the surface, will the party go off without a hitch…?

10. Swing and a miss

It seems to be looking up for Dave as his relationship with Cindy continues to blossom. However, the trailer teases trouble on the horizon as a furious Dave swings at his friend Tony, but what causes the outburst…

Watch the brand new trailer below:

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