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Claudia leaves Bear stunned in Doctors

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Claudia leaves Bear stunned in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


The staff discuss Al, and try to make sense of what’s happened. Scarlett shares her theories on who caused it, while Emma and Jimmi contemplate whether they should talk to his mum about it. Bear is still distracted by Claudia’s behaviour yesterday, but Al’s predicament makes him feel guilty. Rosie is really upset by the whole thing and resolves to go and see Al.

Daniel and Zara are worried about Al, and also the effect that yesterday had on Joe. There’s tension between them. Zara takes Joe to school and tries to get him to open up to her, and he inadvertently reveals that Daniel got pulled over by the police and breathalysed.

Derek Whitaker hears a drone crash onto his roof. Later, there’s a knock on his door and neighbour Gerry Cooper invites herself in and discovers a table full of prison contraband. Derek explains the drone that crashed was on its way to the prison. Derek contemplates selling the marijuana and is surprised when Gerry agrees and offers to help. They stash the rest of the drugs but Derek is short of breath so Gerry makes him go to the doctor.


Rob is at The Mill and interviews Kirsty, and then goes through the CCTV setup with Bear. They identify a blackspot which hampers evidence gathering. Rob then visits Al who doesn’t want to talk. Kirsty and Rosie decide to visit Al to try and cheer him up. Jimmi warns them not to expect too much but they’re still surprised when he is unresponsive to their attempts to cheer him up. When they’ve gone Al ignores a call from his date from the other day.

Bear surprises Claudia at her house and she’s not thrilled to see him but lets him in anyway. Claudia tries to make small talk but Bear wants to get straight into discussing the issues they’ve been having recently. Claudia seems reluctant to talk and Bear takes this as her wanting to break up with him. He goes to leave but before he gets the chance she tells him the truth – Bear is shocked, stunned and pretty much ‘Amy Turtle’d.

Danny Tavener is getting on his bike about to deliver a takeaway when he gets distracted and we hear a car horn beep. He turns up at The Campus for a drop-in appointment. Scarlett and Luca think Danny should go A&E but he’s reluctant and then recognises Luca. Luca takes pity on him and treats him and they catch up. It becomes clear that they hooked up a few times and stayed friends, and that Danny never completed the degree he was about to start when he and Luca first met. Danny exits and realises his bike has been stolen. He has no luck with the police so turns his attention to another bike chained up nearby. He starts fiddling with the lock and is confronted by Luca; it’s Luca’s bike he’s trying to nick.


Mark Greer watches outside a run-down hostel. Casey Greer exits and he goes to follow her, but she’s joined by Sasha Pearson which makes him stop. Casey arrives at The Mill and is surprised to see Scarlett behind the desk. They were at school together. Scarlett asks about Casey’s daughter Livvy and Casey says she’s fine having just dropped her at nursery. Casey has an appointment with Emma and it’s clear that Casey lied about Livvy to Scarlett. Emma tries to get her to open up but Casey shuts the conversation down. Outside Mark confronts Casey and Scarlett comes out to help. Mark leaves and Casey mouths off at Scarlett before leaving, having dropped her prescription. Casey returns to the hostel and security guard Tyler Douglas invites her to a party.

Claudia arrives to discuss the incident with Scarlett and Emma and Scarlett learns about Livvy and that Casey is living alone in ‘exempt accommodation’, a hostel which has a bad reputation and little support. Scarlett’s worried and calls Casey about the prescription but gets her voicemail. Casey goes to leave but Mark is outside so she rings Scarlett back to say she can’t come and get it. Scarlett tries to reassure her the police are involved but this annoys Casey. Tyler offers her a dress to wear for the party but Casey refuses, showing him burn marks on her neck.

Mark tries to get in the hostel and Tyler confronts him unsuccessfully. Casey manages to get into her room and Claudia arrests Mark. Scarlett arrives having picked up Casey’s medication. Casey opens up to Scarlett and explains that Mark is her dad. At the station, Mark tries to explain that he was trying to get Casey to leave the hostel because it’s not safe, and explains her ex-boyfriend gave her the scars by throwing acid on her and he’s been trying to keep Livvy and Casey safe. Rob and Claudia tell Mark to stay away from Casey, it has to be her choice. Scarlett discovers the party Casey is going to is more akin to prostitution and tries to talk her out of it but Tyler forces Casey to come with him. Scarlett phones Rob and the police and Mark turn up at the hostel. Tyler is arrested and Casey asks Mark if she can come home with him.


Emma’s nervous for her first day back on FME duty. Rob reassures her that she did the right thing reporting Cassidy. Claudia sees Emma at the station and asks for her advice. It eventually clicks for Emma that this is Bear’s girlfriend. Emma later bumps into Ruhma and tells her about the encounter. Later, Zara has a meeting, so asks Daniel to pick up Joe from school after golf.

Daniel is due to play that round with a golf ex-pro but is put out when they cancel. He decides to stay and play anyway and ends up pairing with pompous club captain Martin. As they play through the course, occasionally sipping from Martin’s hip flask, they come across Paul – an activist chained to a golf buggy making a live-streamed protest on the green about the world’s water crisis. Martin calls the police and Rob turns up.

Martin and Daniel drink a toast to Paul before Daniel heads off. At the golf club, Daniel has had a tough day and tells Joe about it on the car ride home. Joe talks happily about his school day and, on the narrow country lane, an incident is about to occur neither would expect.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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