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Holly helps in the hunt for Eden Shaw in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Holly helps in the hunt for Eden Shaw in Neighbours

Tuesday in Erinsborough…

The hunt for Eden Shaw is on, as the police and all of Reece’s resources are thrown into finding him. Determined to bring him to justice, Mackenzie points out that Holly is technically an expert on all Eden’s tactics.

With Haz’s help, the girls come up with a theory on where their fugitive could be hiding. Along with Reece and Byron, they split up to check addresses. In the midst of all
this, Reece becomes overwhelmed by the weight of the situation – what happened to Krista’s body?

How is she meant to say goodbye to her sister without one? When Holly and Haz get lucky, the duo end up confronting and trapping Eden in his van until the police arrive.

Their relief at bringing him to justice soon turns to shock when a search of his hideout uncovers a stunning secret, a very much alive Krista… Desperate to know Melanie is okay, Nell goes to Jane to pass on her love and support. When Toadie gets wind of Jane’s role, he orders her to back off. Jane’s understanding, but points out that Toadie’s stance will ultimately drive Nell to keep secrets from her father.

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