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Celebrities Spread Holiday Cheer as Secret Santas

Harry Redknapp, Larry Lamb, Alex Jones, Luca Bish, Kelsey Parker


Celebrities Spread Holiday Cheer as Secret Santas

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In a heartwarming twist this festive season, some UK personalities embraced the spirit of giving by stepping into the shoes of Secret Santas.

Names including Larry Lamb, Harry Redknapp, Alex Jones, Vanessa Feltz, Luca Bish, Derek Chisora and Kelsey Parker were at the Southbank Winter Cabin earlier this week for leading UK children’s charity, Action for Children.

Actor Larry Lamb:

“For more than a decade I have been proud to support Action for Children. Our mission is increasingly relevant as so many children and families face challenges amid the current cost of living crisis. Despite tough times, the renowned generosity of the British public can make a significant impact. Anyone can become a Secret Santa and help Action for Children support vulnerable children at Christmas.”

Harry and Larry attracted the crowds as they brought a touch of the old East End charm to the South Bank in London, with their cries of “roll up roll up” to encourage people over to their ‘market stall’ cabin encouraging members of the public to buy Action for Children’s limited-edition Magical Christmas baubles.

Vanessa Feltz added to the festive delight by assuming the role of Mrs. Claus and distributing yummy candy canes. Kelsey dressed up as Santa’s Helper and distributed the public’s purchases. The One Show’s Alex Jones, dressed as Santa, captured the public’s one wish for children this Christmas on camera.

Talk TV Presenter Vanessa Feltz:

“Being a mother is hard work but it’s one of my proudest achievements. Being a Grandma is maybe one of life’s best honours and watching their delight at Christmas is priceless. All children deserve to experience delight at Christmas and that’s why it’s so important to support Action for Children’s Secret Santa, to take some worry off parents’ shoulders and ensure all children feel the magic of Christmas.”

The star-studded line-up attracted a crowd and encouraged as many people as possible to join them in becoming Secret Santas, by buying Action for Children’s exclusive and stylish Magical Baubles. One of the baubles has been designed by 11-year-old young carer Jess and another by the TV personality Bille Shepherd. Every sale will help support Action for Children’s Secret Santa campaign, which could provide warm clothes, a hot meal or a special present, aiming to make the magic of Christmas a reality for vulnerable children.

Mum of three and star of ITV’s The Family Diaries, Billie Shepherd created designs for limited-edition nude, gold and mother-of-pearl design that is handmade, sustainable, plastic-free and locally sourced. For many of the 4.2 million UK children now living in poverty, there’s no Christmas magic. No tree to decorate. No special memories to make. Christmas is just another day to go to bed hungry and wake up cold.

Former football Manager and sports pundit Harry Redknapp:

“I believe that every child deserves to experience the joy of Christmas. While the festive season brings excitement, it can also bring anxiety. Parents shouldn’t face the dilemma of choosing between heating and eating. I encourage everyone to be a Secret Santa and positively impact the lives of thousands of children. Try to make time for everybody this Christmas as you don’t know who needs that bit of kindness.”

Each sale of the unique bauble will raise awareness for Action for Children’s Secret Santa campaign, which provides vulnerable children with warm clothes, a hot meal or a Christmas present just for them. Action for Children helped over 765,000 children, young people and families last year.

Billie’s bauble is one of two limited edition designs the charity has introduced for the first time, with the second designed by an 11-year-old young carer, Jess, whose family received support from Secret Santa in the form of food vouchers, a Christmas present and heating last year. 

Kelsey Parker:

“Christmas is a time for love, warmth and cheer. It breaks my heart to think that some children don’t have these essentials, especially at Christmas. I’m honoured to become a Secret Santa for Action for Children and would love others to join us in becoming a Secret Santa and make a difference in a vulnerable child’s life.”

Billie’s bauble is £10. To buy Billie or Jess’s bauble and become a Secret Santa for Action for Children, visit The One Show presenter Alex Jones adds, “All parents want is the best for their kids but the cost of living is making it harder for families to afford the essentials like warm winter clothes for their growing children. Parents shouldn’t have to skip meals to afford the basics for their children. This is why it’s so important for me to be here as a Secret Santa and support struggling families.”

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