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It’s Christmas Day in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

It’s Christmas Day in Neighbours

A Christmas Day visit to Erinsborough…

It’s Christmas on Ramsay Street, and all the families are enjoying their respective celebrations, but the festivities don’t put the street’s drama on hold.

Still reeling from the revelation that Paul was involved in Jane and Terese’s council approval, the women contemplate what to do. Should they come clean, or let it remain a secret? After Christmas lunch is over, an exasperated Toadie goes to see Paul, telling him to let go of Terese, once and for all.

The twenty-somethings couldn’t be more fractured since Mackenzie shared her feelings with Haz and Holly committed ‘scarf-gate’. During a shared house Christmas party, Haz and Byron find a way through their tensions, but it’s the opposite for Holly and Mackenzie, leading to a near-fatal disaster…

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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