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Chloe and Elly tie the knot in Neighbours

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Chloe and Elly tie the knot in Neighbours

Wedding bells are ringing once more in Erinsborough…

Chloe’s devastated that her Huntington’s symptoms rule out wearing heels for her wedding. But supportive Elly has an inspired idea and steps out of her own heels. Walking down the aisle arm-in-arm as barefoot brides, Chloe and Elly tie the knot as wife and wife. Following a fun reception, the happy couple drive off into their married life. It’s ‘Chelly’ bliss all around!

Melanie is dismayed to learn she and Krista have been summoned for a preliminary interview before the UK Government decides whether or not to extradite them for drug possession and absconding. Melanie’s lawyer informs they will need character references to substantiate that Melanie is the victim: an upstanding citizen who got caught up in a messy situation with a very powerful family. But Melanie’s rattled when her lawyer presumes she has Toadie in her corner.

At the wedding reception, Nell overhears Melanie talking to Krista and is worried to learn about Melanie’s interview. When Nell intuits Melanie’s reluctance to impose on Terese and Toadie, she suggests she ask for character references on Melanie’s behalf.

However, Melanie restates that she doesn’t want to ask them. Despite this, Nell drops the request on Terese and Toadie, and admits Melanie didn’t want to ask them herself. Not knowing how the situation played out, Toadie voices to Terese that if Melanie wanted his help, she should ask him to his face, not go through his kid.

Adamant Melanie has crossed the line, he grimly bashes out a character reference. Elsewhere, Leo offers a listening ear (again) to Krista, as she voices her fears about being extradited, the toll defending herself might take, and the inevitable media attention… especially as Krista’s lawyer wants to use her pregnancy as a sympathy lever in the courts. Krista is appreciative when Leo is realistic about the situation and suggests they plan for Eden finding out, so they have a strategy to fall back on.

Meanwhile, David is troubled by the escalating pattern of Leo being attentive with Krista. When Leo waxes lyrical about Krista, David registers the light in his brother’s eyes and warns him sternly. Krista’s not ready for romance, and if Leo goes down that road, he could derail her recovery. Although Leo dismisses David’s insinuations, he’s privately confronted.

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