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Melanie is moved by Toadie’s words in Neighbours

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Melanie is moved by Toadie’s words in Neighbours

A new year begins in Erinsborough …

Melanie upbraids Nell after learning she asked Toadie for a reference against her wishes. Toadie, already regretting the harsh reference he sent through to Melanie’s lawyer the previous night, is doubly ashamed when he learns it was Nell who instigated the request. Fraught and regretful, Toadie makes quick work of writing an updated letter, while Terese takes Nell and Hugo out to give him space. Bonding over cake, Terese cautions Nell against taking on the adult role in her relationship with her former stepmother; Melanie needs to find happiness on her own terms.

Before her hearing, Melanie is gutted to read Toadie’s scathing assessment; she fires her lawyer, set on facing punishment. When Toadie arrives mid-interview with his new reference, he explains his incorrect assumptions and encourages Melanie not to give up. Moved by Toadie’s words, Melanie rehires her lawyer and renews her fight. A remorseful Krista, meanwhile, owns her past and confesses the truth about how Melanie came to have drugs in her possession.

Post-interview, a proud David re-emphasises that he is there for Krista any time; she doesn’t need to turn to his brother. When Krista admits that she clicks with Leo, David broaches that he’s noticed their mutual affinity and warns against anything more than friendship during her recovery. Although Krista reassures David that he has nothing to worry about, she’s unsettled by his insight. Nicolette puzzles over the key that turned up in Jane’s garden clogs and attempts to find the owner.

However, when her investigation with the neighbours proves fruitless, her private concern grows. Later, Nicolette’s subconscious is triggered by a photo of her ex-girlfriend Kiri, and she searches up the name “Sasha McLain” …

Post-character reference debacle, Terese comes across Toadie’s laptop, still open. After a hesitation, she wakes up the screen and reads the revised character reference – describing Melanie as a trusted employee, a wonderful partner and an exceptional stepmother, someone with integrity and unmatched selflessness. Terese reels from the evidence of their bond.

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