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Telly Today: From Jan Leeming to sixteen mighty Gladiators


Telly Today: From Jan Leeming to sixteen mighty Gladiators

TV picks for Saturday, January 13th…


Narrated by Jan Leeming, Channel 5 are rewinding back to 1984 to replay the year’s most shocking and controversial moments in TV, music, showbiz, and politics. Ground-breaking satirical and anarchic entertainment from Spitting Image and The Young Ones revolutionised comedy and enraged the old guard.

Conservative crusaders became hysterical over the horror of video nasties, and an attempt to silence pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood backfired spectacularly. Celebrity relationships came under the spotlight when a Rolling Stone and a Rocket Man both tied the knot to unexpected partners, while a former Beatle and his wife were busted for drugs.

In Politics, Margaret Thatcher faced a fierce year-long battle with striking coal miners. The Tory party came under a deadly terrorist attack in Brighton, and the abolition of two iconic British intuitions – the pound note and O Levels – caused uproar among the general public.

Prince Charles landed himself in hot water with some outspoken architectural opinions when an extension was proposed for London’s National Gallery.

In America, while the whole planet lived in fear of nuclear war, President Reagan’s misguided joke about bombing the Russians sent tensions soaring. In music, the raunchy live MTV debut of material girl Madonna sparked outrage. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, suffered serious burns when filming a soft drinks commercial, and Bucks Fizz were in a terrifying and career-changing coach crash.

In television, Doctor Who faced a new nemesis in the new BBC One controller Michael Grade. There was a swearing shocker live on Kids TV, and tragedy struck comedy legend Tommy Cooper, in front of an ITV audience of millions.

Channel 5, 10 pm


Contenders Ready? Gladiators is back! Bradley and Barney Walsh host the iconic LWT competition show, re-imagined for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Get set for all the classic action packed battles alongside jaw dropping new events and sixteen mighty Gladiators. Four contenders must face our resident superhumans across five brutal events before going head to head in the legendary Eliminator.

Who has the will and the skill to conquer the infamous travelator and win a place in the quarter-finals?

Tonight, Legend makes a statement on Hang Tough, Sabre gets her claws out in The Ring and contenders feel Viper’s venom on the Collision Bridge. Let’s hope it’s more fun than the recent revival of Survivors by the Beeb.

BBC One, 5.50 pm

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