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Pick of the Plots: Friday 26th April

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Friday 26th April

Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, April 26.

Roy confides in a prison officer that new evidence has come to light and he’s hopeful he might be released. In the court, Dee-Dee makes the case for Roy’s bail application and describes how Bobby saw a man leaving Lauren’s flat who didn’t fit Roy’s description but the Judge refuses Roy’s bail application.

Dee-Dee visits Roy in his cell and tells him not to give up hope and that the police are planning a reconstruction. Roy calls Carla from prison and asks her to come and see him as he needs to talk to her about Bobby’s statement. Has Roy caught onto Bobby’s lie?

Meanwhile, Leanne tells Nick that she feels betrayed and he should never have kept Toyah’s secret from her. When Rowan arrives, Leanne immediately perks up.

Rowan suggests to Leanne she should unburden herself of negativity and embark on some uploading. As Leanne tries to object, Rowan urges her to put herself first.

Toyah calls in the Bistro to find Nick run off his feet as Leanne is with Rowan so Toyah offers to help him out. As Leanne talks Rowan through all the bad things that have happened in her life, he listens intently and assures her that he’s by her side every step of the way.

Elsewhere, Tim advises Steve to arrange a date with his online love interest, Demi, to check out that she really exists and she’s who she says she is. Fed up with Steve’s dithering, Tim grabs his phone off him and sends a message to Demi suggesting they go on a date.

Also, Eileen packs the last of her things for Thailand and tells George that Todd found a copy of Archie’s will which states that Glenda is to have half the business. Will George tell Glenda the truth?

Coronation Street, ITV1, tonight at 8pm

Kim confronts Will about his lies.

Meanwhile, Belle feels insecure.

Elsewhere, Manpreet feels disheartened.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

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