Billy Mitchell unveiled as latest suspect in EastEnders’ Who Killed Lucy storyline

EastEndersBilly Mitchell has been unveiled as the latest suspect in EastEnders‘ Who killed Lucy storyline.

Billy became a suspect in tonight’s (July, 11) episode, after Lee Carter (Danny-Boy Hatchard) admitted to his parents that he lied to the police about his whereabouts on the night of Lucy’s murder.

Lee originally claimed that he spent the entire duration of the night at Ronnie & Roxy’s housewarming party.

However, the squaddie has now changed his version of events; telling his family that he slipped away from the party and saw Lucy having a row with someone.

After being given conflicting advice over how he should proceed, Lee decided to confront the person he saw at odds with Lucy and was later seen approaching Lucy’s father Ian (Adam Woodyatt). However, this proved to be a red herring as Lee offered Ian his condolences before making his way to Billy’s (Perry Fenwick) front door.

One possible motive for Billy could be that Lucy turned him down for a job, after starting up her own letting agency with Lauren Branning. A recent episode also revealed that Billy has a set of keys to Jake Stone’s (Jamie Lomas) flat where Lucy’s blood and earring were found.

Jake is currently on remand in prison after police made the discovery, however next week’s episodes will see him released on bail when the new evidence comes to light.

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