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Trisha, Amir and Kate probe more eating problems


Trisha, Amir and Kate probe more eating problems

Best on the Box choice for January 12th.

Britain’s most iconic health show, You Are What You Eat, has come to Channel 5.

TV legend Trisha Goddard, trusted GP Dr Amir Khan and MSc-qualified nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters are here to aid those who need to sort their diet and exercise regime. The trio is also assisted by the feared ‘table of truth’ as well as the iconic poo test, where Prof Lindsay Hall reveals the secrets of our gut health.

This week Leonie may be a grown-up, but her diet is nothing but kid’s cuisine. Getting beige off her plate and colour on the menu won’t be child’s play for the You Are What You Eat team, who have a feeling that changing her life for the better might be harder than getting toddlers to eat their greens.

Helen serves up three nutritious meals every day — it’s just a shame they aren’t for her. While she slaves over a hot stove making balanced food for her family, her disordered eating sees her gorging on grub that she wouldn’t dream of feeding her children.

The You Are What You Eat team need to bring her secret eating out of the kitchen cupboard and into the spotlight to find the ultimate fix.

You Are What You Eat, Channel 5, 8 pm

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