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Rakuten TV launches new headquarters and tagline

Rakuten TV this week opened its new headquarters in Barcelona


Rakuten TV launches new headquarters and tagline

Rakuten TV this week opened its new headquarters in Barcelona and in addition, they have launched a new tagline: Discovering Streaming Freedom – that reflects the spirit of the company.  

The new Rakuten TV headquarters are located in the 22 district, an area where many technology companies are based because of its strong link to innovation. The project, designed alongside CBRE Design Collective – one of the world’s leading design and execution studios – aimed to adapt to the needs of the team and the hybrid home/office model resulting from the pandemic. As a result, workspaces have been balanced with socializing areas, and designed and conceived with input from employees.

People need to feel comfortable in the office and reinforce all those moments of socialization in which ideas are shared and teams are strengthened. This is why the company – in line with the policy of the group where it belongs – is committed to a work philosophy that is sustainable for the team and facilitates a flexible and pleasant return to the office.

The time spent with colleagues is what makes the difference between working from home or in the office. In this sense, for Rakuten TV the key was that the offices should adapt to people and not the other way around. To achieve this, they worked with a co-creation model with the team to understand their needs, creating areas such as the TV Labs to test and store TVs, the Picture & Sound room to freely test sound and light or the Quiet Room with different uses, such as a maternity or meditation room.

The offices have an Auditorium where employees can meet for company events such as talks or internal initiatives, and a terrace – with 360º views of Barcelona, from the sea to the iconic Sagrada Familia – where the team can socialize and relax after work. There is also a canteen with fresh fruit and 13 meeting rooms, 4 Phone Booths and 4 focus rooms to ensure the concentration of the rest of the team. Everything is designed to make people’s lives easier and to enrich their workdays with an approach that balances life and work.

Sustainability and inclusiveness have been another major focus of the new office project, in fact, the new building has the highest level of LEED sustainability certification: Platinum due to good conditioning, temperature regulation, recycling and materials. But there have also been other actions such as the sale to employees of the old office furniture, the proceeds of which were sent to a local NGO chosen collectively, in a circular economy and social impact perspective.

The company, created a new ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) area in January 2023 and has tracked its 2022 social impact and carbon emissions through its first dedicated report, has designed sustainable and inclusive spaces to encourage a more conscious attitude in its workforce through dedicated actions.

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