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Cash is trying to keep busy in Home and Away


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Cash is trying to keep busy in Home and Away

Catch the latest drama in Summer Bay in the series finale week…

Talking through her care plan, Dana points out to Roo that she should have someone present 24/7. Roo’s determined she will be fine on her own, but Dana remains sceptical. Irene catches Dana up on the complicated situation between Marilyn and Roo, and when Dana stumbles on Roo in a delicate state, she reports back to Marilyn that Roo is stubborn, but still needs her friend. However, Marilyn’s return is unwelcome, and Roo figures Dana and Marilyn have been coercing. Marilyn admits she should not have pressured Dana to spy on her friend. Roo permits Dana to remain in her new job, but Marilyn declares she will bow out of the picture for good, giving Roo the space she has asked for, permanently.

Cash is at a loose end having been suspended from police work. He promptly ruins a romantic moment between Felicity and Tane but gets insight into Tane’s fragile headspace when Felicity goes to work. Later, the boys join Harper for a meal at Salt and although she and Cash share a burden of unemployment, they both intend for it to be short-lived. When Cash and Harper are ready to call it a night, Tane pushes for another round. Finally, he opens up a little to Cash. Tane thought he could live with the decision not to have kids, but it’s not working for him. Harper gets a moment to ask Felicity if she’s aware that Tane is not doing great, which gives Felicity momentum to confront her husband directly…

The Surf Club Committee have placed John in charge of an event to commemorate Alf for his long service, but John thinks it’s unfair he should be burdened with organising the whole thing by himself. He gets no sympathy from Irene or Marilyn. There are people around here with bigger problems than organising a Surf Club event! John is put in his place, but has he been hanging around purely for sympathy, or is it partly an excuse to keep Irene’s spirits buoyed in advance of her trial?

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 

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