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Leah admits she has problems to Justin in Home and Away

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Leah admits she has problems to Justin in Home and Away

This week in Summer Bay…


Felicity and Mackenzie are still at loggerheads. Mackenzie offers Tane refuge, and Felicity sees this as a total betrayal and denies any contact with her husband. Their conflict spills into a crowded Salt and an enraged Felicity announces all meals will be on the house. Mackenzie tries to diffuse the chaos – Felicity shouldn’t be working. Felicity spitefully agrees, taking money directly from the till to pay for a hotel room. Xander kindly volunteers to step up and cover as stressed Mackenzie heads home. But she is soon interrupted by a knock on the door from Felicity who apologises to Mackenzie and pleads that on behalf of Felicity, she returns a wedding ring to Tane.

Remi is taking Bree to meet his parents for their anniversary, and it’s going to be a formal affair. Eden reiterates they’re kind people with a lot of love to share, but also that they’re super loaded. Graham and Nicola welcome an awestruck Bree to their opulent home, and after a tour, all prepare for an elegant night. There’s a private chef, a string quartet, and Bree and Remi are glammed up. But when Nicola presses for the story of how they met, the conversation takes a nosedive. Bree overshares by explaining it was difficult because of her husband… who is now dead. Remi does his best to cut things short, but Bree is hurt – why would he want to hide the truth?

Cash has felt a lack of purpose lately due to his suspension, but Rose is encouraging. Harper and Irene’s cases had such positive results, surely that’s a good sign for him too. He could put in a request to have his review fast-tracked and get back to work sooner. But Cash is a little hesitant, especially with everything going on with Felicity. Eden lifts his spirits with words of support and he puts in the formal request. Now they can only wait…


After an intense bootcamp battle, Harper and Dana inquire with Irene as to how they can contribute to the community. They’ve been welcomed with such kindness and want to give back. Irene argues that as a nurse and a social worker, they already do their share, but this doesn’t satisfy Dana. She is determined to really make a difference and eventually realises it’s been staring her in the face the whole time. She’s signing up to the Bronze Medallion course. Irene cautions her, though – that course is run by John Palmer…

A message prompts Tane to close the gym and head back to his room at Mackenzie’s. Felicity has dropped off his wedding ring as a token of hope for their marriage, but he refuses it. He apologises to Mac that she keeps getting caught in the middle. As Mali cooks breakfast for the housemates, Tane receives a barrage of texts from Felicity, and decides to block her entirely. Mackenzie argues maybe he just needs to give it time, but a second attempt to return the ring results in Tane throwing it in the garbage. Mali encourages Mac to stay out of it, but she cannot stop worrying for her friend. Back at the gym, Tane dismisses Harper and her scheduled PT session. She offers to talk about whatever is bothering him but that sends him spiralling. In anger, he announces to the entire gym – if anyone else is wondering, my marriage is over. So, are we all clear on that now?

The string quartet play, the guests drink champagne, and Remi’s parents speak of their 35 years of wedded bliss. But Remi and Bree are not ready to join them on the dancefloor. They are still navigating how to explain their complicated past. Remi tries to make amends – he is not ashamed of Bree, and they will find the right time to tell his parents.

The next morning at breakfast, Bree’s chance arrives. She explains her abusive ex-husband died because of her. Both her and Remi’s lives were in danger, and she made the choice to save her life by ending his. Remi’s parents are understanding and grateful she shared the truth, and Nicola takes a moment to acknowledge Bree is a smart and strong woman, and she hopes they get to spend a lot more time together.


Mackenzie falls to the floor, while Felicity reels in shock. Has she caused Mac to have a heart attack?

Mali tries his best to support Tane through the break-up, meeting him on the beach after his big gym outburst. Tane’s in a tricky place – he hates Felicity while still loving her, and it’s hard to turn these feelings off. Word spreads of his misery, and it’s confirmed by his foul mood. Harper, Roo and Dana wonder what they can do to help, but Tane’s own solution to get his wife out of his system is for a big night out, although Mali disapproves. The next morning, Tane introduces Mali to a one-night stand on her way out. Is Tane’s coping mechanism healthy?

Dana is thrilled to be giving back to her new community by taking part in the Bronze Medallion course with John Palmer as instructor. She was warned of John’s short temper, but today it is amplified by a lack of caffeine. John’s year supply of free coffee has finally expired and he comes down hard on his new students. In particular, he targets a student he nicknames ‘Man-bun’, although the student corrects John each time with his real name, Banjo. John doubles down on his mood, grouching at Harper for being distracting, and insulting Banjo’s colourful shorts. Dana is not enjoying the course and confides in her sister that she and the other students are the ones that need saving… from John!

After Lyrik’s return gig, Kirby prepares for a song writing session, but neither Eden nor Remi are around, and none of Kirby’s ideas seem to have traction. She scrunches up lyrics and feels stuck. Searching for ideas, she disturbs Theo and Justin amid wedding planning, offering Theo a welcome diversion of writing together again. But Theo struggles to pull away from his phone and Kirby withdraws in favour of attempting on her own again. When Theo confronts her change of mind, they agree that some of their best memories are writing together. Perhaps they just need to work at finding a new dynamic. That is something they’re both willing to make happen.


Alf informs John that Banjo dropped out of his Bronze Medallion course and has lodged a formal complaint. He has cited bullying, disrespect, and micro-aggressions, and after much persuasion, John picks up the phone to call and apologise.

Kirby and Theo are hard at work on writing a new song. Theo is self-critical of his lyrics, but Kirby is reassuring and kind. Theo agrees he knows what he wants to say, just not always how to say it. During a pizza break, Kirby receives an email from a record label, paying her $8000 for a song she wrote in half a day. Although this comes as another blow to Theo’s confidence, his faith in Kirby is cemented, and an idea dawns on him. In his pursuit to make Leah and Justin’s wedding perfect, how would Kirby feel about writing a song for the wedding?

Boosted by Roo’s encouragement, Marilyn has built up the courage to request time off from work to holiday with Jett. However, during a flustered explanation, Marilyn’s words are twisted, and Irene puts her down for more shifts instead of less. Marilyn’s efforts with Leah prove equally counterproductive given Leah’s tricky mood, and when Irene insists on a new pay rise for Maz, her gratitude is eclipsed by her inability to get the time off.

Justin confronts Leah about the research of insomnia and night terrors he uncovered. She admits she’s had some hard nights of sleeping poorly. He pleads that she shares these things with him and she agrees, parting ways to work. After the long shift, she’s standing in the car park when an approaching car sends her mind racing back to the kidnapping. Justin emerges from the car and rushes to her side, as Leah explains since the nightmares started, she can’t make them stop. Through tears, she finally admits that she needs help.


Leah and Justin unpack her recent nightmares, and he encourages her to trust that he will always have her back. Leah admits she’s been searching for sleeping tablets because every time she closes her eyes, she’s back in the factory. Justin remains compassionate, and Leah manages to fall asleep in his arms. Having slept through the entire night, they ride the momentum and return to the wedding planning, setting the perfect date for their wedding – Valentine’s Day.

Marilyn’s struggle to ask for time off work has only been made more difficult by Irene’s misunderstanding. Alf’s patience wears thin with Marilyn for not speaking out, and he intervenes, explaining the situation. Irene is only too happy to oblige – the shifts are moved to accommodate everyone, and Marilyn will be able to take her holiday!

All contact from Felicity has been blocked by Tane. She knocks on Mackenzie’s door in the middle of the night, asking to speak with him, but Mac stands firm, promising instead to pass her message on. Felicity returns home regretful for so easily being turned away. The next day, Cash appeals to Mackenzie. It’s not okay to turn up on people’s doorsteps, but they both know Felicity is struggling. That’s when Mac elaborates in confidence to Cash. When Felicity came to see Tane, he wasn’t even at home. In fact, he has been sleeping with other women.

Cash privately shares the predicament with Eden, questioning whether to reveal the truth to Flick. But Felicity has been listening through the wall. She heads straight to Salt to confront Mackenzie, her ferocity spreading publicly in the restaurant. Xander calls in Cash who delays his important hearing for work, heading directly to Salt. However, the appearance of her brother only spurs Flick on further, increasing her aggression toward Mac. Suddenly, Mackenzie clutches her chest in pain, falling to the floor. Xander and Cash quicky call an ambulance, aware this could be life-threatening, while Felicity reels in shock. Has she caused Mac to have a heart attack?

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 

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