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Kirsty isn’t impressed in Doctors

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Kirsty isn’t impressed in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Suni is hiding himself away from the world, but Nina encourages him to go out. She confides to Ruhma that she blames herself for what’s happened with Suni. Seeing Suni stressed out, Scarlett decides to take him out to cheer him up. Jimmi confides in Al that he thinks he pushed Harry too far, and worries he is responsible for what happened. But Al says he’s not, and assures Jimmi he did the right thing.

Connor has hurt his leg after an all-nighter with boyfriend Ryan, they come into the walk in to get seen. Nina notices bleeding gums and bruises on his chest during the examination. She suspects scurvy and an enlarged liver from his poor diet and excessive drinking. But Connor is hiding something far more sinister, as Ryan later catches Connor buying drugs.


Suni is nervous for his appointment with the partners, but they deliver their verdict that he go on a prescribing course to carry favour with the GMC. He won’t be suspended. Suni is relieved and Nina tells him to be careful… Later Scarlett opens up to Ruhma about her feelings for Suni and the status of their relationship. She’s worried he’s shutting her out.

Kirsty on VPAS visit to asthmatic James, who is a recent amputee, and still carrying a lot of anger about what happened to him. Kirsty can see that he is not processing the huge change to his life and is unreceptive to anything she suggests.

His fiancée Jenny is struggling with his attitude, she opens up to Kirsty about how she doesn’t know how to cope with his current bitter mood. Jenny has asked James’s mate Paul to come round to try and engage with James, but James is furious to see Paul & accuses them of having an affair behind his back.


Kirsty isn’t impressed when everyone arriving for work is too busy to talk to her.

At meeting with Bear, he picks up that she’s feeling down and tries to help. Later in the day, Kirsty bumps into Dave Burns outside the Icon. She knew him when she worked at St Phil’s. He’s trying to raise funds for the disability charity he works for, but isn’t doing very well. Dave is delighted when Kirsty offers to help, and can’t help mentioning that he heard about her divorce.

Back at The Mill Kirsty tells Scarlett that she’s going to work on Dave’s charity auction, but where doe she start? Rob meets Darius, who has an emergency foster placement, call Liv. Her father is dead and her mum is on remand. Rob and Liv make a good start and get on well, but she bursts out laughing when she finds out he’s a police officer. Liv is from a family of criminals – Rob has probably arrested half of them! Rob is concerned that he won’t be able to foster Liv.

Robyn Southgate and her husband Theo are struggling with their newborn baby Flo. Robyn’s mum wants to take charge of the baby. Ruhma arrives at Robyn’s house with the trainee midwife who is already trying her patience. Robyn explains that she’s having trouble breastfeeding, and Jules is confused until Theo reveals that Flo was carried by a surrogate.

Robyn’s been taking hormones to stimulate her milk production, but she’s still having to feed Flo with the bottle. Carol bustles in, taking charge of the situation. Jules can’t understand the tension in the house, and she’s in for a surprise…


Kirsty’s day gets off to bad start when the photos in the staff room fall off the wall. She meets Dave at the Icon for lunch and he fills her in on the plans for his charity auction show. He’s clearly out of his depth and she agrees to help out. Back at work, she sorts through the damaged photos with Bear, realising that the staff at The Mill have a history of putting on a show. She tries to recruit performers for the charity auction, with no success.

Desperate, she asks Bear to help – but will he agree?

Luca notices that Scarlett is tired, her noisy housemates were keeping her up all night. He offers her a night in Emma’s house, and she gratefully accepts. Darius drops Liv off at Rob’s house, and she’s clearly not impressed! Will this new fostering arrangement work out for them?

Jess Godley is getting ready for her wedding with her best friend and sister-in-law-to-be Lorna Evans. Jess starts acting oddly after a phone call and asks Lorna to get another pair of shoes from her house. At home, Lorna bumps into her brother Finlay Evans.

Jess arrives at the Mill, desperate to see a Doctor, but they’re closing for lunch. Scarlett and Zara rush to help when Jess collapses in reception. Lorna and Finlay are worried when they can’t find Jess. Zara checks Jess over, and is shocked when Jess admits she hasn’t told Finlay about her diagnosis. Jess is worried that he won’t want to go through with the wedding if she does. Lorna tracks Jess down and is shocked when she hears that her illness has come back. Finlay arrives at The Mill to a bombshell from Jess!

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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