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Lydia tells Lenny she needs to confront Scarlett in River City

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Lydia tells Lenny she needs to confront Scarlett in River City

This week in Shieldinch…


As Kim lies unconscious, a frantic Angus calls an ambulance. Bob arrives at the flat and is horrified to see his ex-wife stretchered away – all Angus can tell his pal is that Kim suddenly collapsed.

At the hospital, Bob and Kim eagerly await test results and are stunned to discover she’s had a bleed in her artery, resulting in a heart attack. While Bob tries to stay positive, Kim is cautiously concerned.

Just then, Kim falls unconscious again, setting off the hospital monitors. After regaining consciousness, Kim and Bob are delivered a life-changing diagnosis by the doctors. Elsewhere, Lydia’s unnerved by media and police interest in Andrew Campbell Baxter’s disappearance. Amber thinks her mum is being paranoid and downplays her concerns.

Meanwhile, Scarlett is consoled by Bernie who encourages her to make amends and apologise to Lydia. Elsewhere, Amber does some digging of her own to find out whether the Murdochs are of police interest in Andrew’s case or not.

A shifty Conor conceals the truth from Nicole but it’s clear he’s not on the straight and narrow after all. To protect himself, Conor threatens Dean into being part of his dodgy deals, putting Madonna’s safety on the line if he doesn’t do what he’s told. Terrified, Dean reluctantly does what he’s told but is shocked to discover it wasn’t a one-off arrangement.


Before leaving, Lydia tells Lenny and Amber she needs to confront to Scarlett. Although Lenny isn’t surprised, Amber is stunned that she’s considering listening to anything Scarlett has to say. Lydia is undeterred – she needs to close this chapter of her life forever.

Meanwhile, Madonna urges Scarlett to stop hiding away but her mother’s confidence is shattered. When Lydia turns up, the tension is palpable between the pair. Scarlett apologises and Lydia reveals she felt cruelly treated by her friend. As they put the past to rest, Scarlett questions whether Lydia knows of Andrew’s whereabouts and is surprised by her reaction.

Elsewhere, Mikey is thrilled to discover Mulvaney’s plans to ask Bernie to marry him and sets up the perfect proposal for his parents. However, when Jonathon and Bernie arrive unexpectedly, Mikey’s boyfriend jumps to the wrong conclusion and gives a resounding “yes” to his accidental proposal.

As Bernie and Jonathon celebrate, Mulvaney urges Mikey to come clean to his new fiancé before it’s too late.

At the hospital, Kim regrets missing signs of her heart condition but Bob blames Dr Gillian for not doing more. He takes matters into his own hands, accusing Gillian of negligence, blaming her for Kim’s chronic heart failure.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm. Also on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm

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