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Martin Compston takes Phil MacHugh for a Norwegian Fling

Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling, Phil MacHugh, Martin Compston at Stegastein viewing platform


Martin Compston takes Phil MacHugh for a Norwegian Fling

The Beeb get immersed in modern Norway…

Martin Compston with friend and co-presenter Phil MacHugh gets immersed in modern Norway, in this new six-part series, in which they travel almost 2,000 miles along the length of Scotland’s nearest Scandi neighbour.

In this first episode, which airs on BBC Scotland and BBC Two this week, Martin and Phil embrace the Nordic way of life in the vibrant capital city Oslo. It’s the first step of an epic journey that will explore the differences and similarities between Scotland and Norway. First, they head to the country’s centre for skiing excellence, Holmenkollen, where they discover Norwegians don’t let a lack of snow get in the way of their love for skiing.

Martin Compston’s Norwegian Fling: Martin Compston, Ragnhild Gløersen Haga, Phil MacHugh, Ragnar Bragvin Andresen / BBC

Here the boys have a crash course – literally for Martin – in roller-skiing, with Olympic gold medallist cross-country skier Ragnhild Gløersen Haga and champion roller skier Ragnar Bragvin Andresen. And of course, they’re encouraged to take a leap off the world famous Holmenkollen ski jump, thanks to its epic zip line.

Next, the boys do their bit for Scottish-Norwegian relations as they meet Norway’s youngest MP, Maren Grøthe, at The Storting, Norway’s parliament. Then, to round off their first day, the lads then head out into the countryside to experience Norwegian cabin life. On the way, they stop to pick up a carry out of bevvy from the local Vinmonopolet and learn just how expensive Norway is. Their remote cabin gives them pause for reflection as they look ahead to the massive journey they have ahead of them, which Martin hopes to soundtrack with his beloved Scottish dance music.

Martin Compston’s Norwegian Fling airs on BBC Scotland at 10 pm on Thursday 22 February and nationally on BBC Two on Friday 23 February at 9 pm

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